Social Value

  1. Purpose

UCM Education is committed to providing its services in such a way that also maximises the benefits to its local and regional communities.  In order to achieve this, UCM Education will assess social value in three aspects – economic, social and environmental.

  1. Economic
  • training and development opportunities/creation of apprenticeships, where possible
  • prompt payment through the supply chains
  • advertising subcontracting opportunities to a diverse supply chain
  1. Social
  • improving the physical and mental wellbeing of local people by providing the best teachers to our local schools
  • creating a diverse workforce for the delivery of services by advertising our positions in publications aimed at a diverse audience
  • collaborating with the voluntary and community sectors
  • monitoring labour standards through the supply chain
  • improving skills and access to digital technology for all our employees and contractors
  1. Environmental
  • water consumption management through the effort on the part of all office-based staff to conserve
  • by having in place an environmental policy
  • monitoring greenhouse gas emissions, where possible
  • reduction in waste to landfill by recycling all possible waste materials in our offices, in line with our Environmental Policy